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I must say they serve the best nuggets samosas and rolls. Those bigger brands have a huge challenge to meet the quality and taste of Sadaf Home Cuisine May ALLAH help you prosper

Posted by Osama Awan on Saturday, March 6, 2021

Fantastic taste and Amazing Quality, Highly recommended food 👍

Posted by Ali Hassan on Saturday, March 6, 2021

Excellent quality and quantity. Very economical with great taste! The samosas and chicken fingers are super delicious!!!

Posted by Laraib Fatima on Saturday, March 6, 2021

Level hai taste ka bhi aur services ka b.

Posted by Najmul Saqib on Tuesday, March 2, 2021

I love Sadaf Home Cuisine, I have tried a few different frozen meals and have been very happy with all of them. Can't recommend them highly enough.

Posted by Shakeel Ahmad Gujjar on Monday, March 1, 2021

Hi Sadaf Home Cuisine, Mum just received her first order. She is 61 and no longer able to stand up in the kitchen for...

Posted by Noor Pari on Monday, March 1, 2021

Highly recommended,,, Great Taste,,, Great Value,,,

Posted by Faizan Raja on Saturday, February 27, 2021

Sadaf Home Cuisine is a home-based frozen food producer that believes nothing is an alternative to the delicious food as it is a necessity to live and you cannot think, sleep and love well if you have not dined well. Sadaf Home Cuisine intends to provide hygienic, affordable, tasty, and authentic frozen, homemade food in Lahore. Sadaf Home Cuisine are the best producers of special homemade food in Lahore. We believe in high-quality and scrumptious products with balanced spices and fine aroma. You can order frozen food in Lahore from Sadaf Foods to get homemade tasty and fresh frozen food. We aim to provide delicious and quality Chicken and Beef frozen products that are halal and made by taking eminent health precautions. Sadaf Home Cuisine in Lahore is the best option for you to get amazing frozen products. We sell ready to cook traditional and fast-food products including a variety of Samosas, Rolls, and Kebabs. We also provide delicious Tender pops, Burger Patties, and Nuggets. Sadaf Home Cuisine in Lahore is the best place to order Frozen food in Lahore as we sell the ever-loving tasty frozen food. We aim to provide ready to cook frozen food in Lahore to make people’s life easy. We will be serving delicious homemade frozen food in Lahore that takes a few minutes to get ready. We are trying to make the life of professionals, working ladies, hostelites, migrants, and the housewives convenient with our ready to cook frozen homemade food in Lahore that takes minimum time to cook. If you have uninformed guests at tea time then you can cook Sadaf Home Cuisine’s Frozen Samosas and Rolls. If you are a working lady, hostelite, or a professional who do not have time to cook food for lunch or dinner then Sadaf Home Cuisine’s delicious Kebabs and Burger Patties are here to save you as you can make delicious burgers and fried kebab, and kebab karahi in little time and give you a hunger break. Our Nuggets and Tender pops are to save you in the morning if your children have to go to school and you are late as you can make these ready to make delicious food loved by children at that time. Sadaf Home Cuisine in Lahore is a savior for people of Lahore as our ready to cook food is a must try. Sadaf Home Cuisine is a savior for you and you can order frozen food in Lahore from us and have a finger-licking frozen food experience. Sadaf Home Cuisine bring you the best quality homemade frozen food in Lahore that includes a variety of high standard products. If you are wondering where to buy frozen samosas then Sadaf Home Cuisine in Lahore is your go to spot. As we present a variety of delicious frozen food products which includes Chicken Samosa, Aloo Samosa, Chinese Samosa, Chicken Aloo Samosa, and Pizza Samosa made with quality products. Sadaf Home Cuisine has a variety of frozen Kebabs or Kebab Mania that are mouthwatering and appetizing. You can get frozen chicken seekh kebab frozen halal from us along with a wide range of other Kababs which includes Chapli Kebab, Shami Kebab, Beef Kebab, and Chicken White Kebab Pista Badam. We also present scrumptious Rolls in a variety of flavors including Chicken Qeema Roll, Pizza Roll, Spring Roll, Chicken Aloo Roll, Aloo Roll. We also provide mouth-watering Chicken Tender pops, Burger Patties, and Nuggets. So, basically you can get the best burgers in Lahore from our home cuisine in Lahore. You can order frozen food in Lahore from us and have a heavenly experience of having scrumptious ready to cook food. You can buy these products from Sadaf Home Cuisine and get it delivered right at your doorsteps, anywhere in Lahore. We provide tasty, hygienic, and affordable frozen food in Lahore with environment-friendly packaging. We believe in selling hygienic and nature-friendly products that have no harmful products. If you want easy to cook delicious food then order Frozen food in Lahore from Sadaf Foods.

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