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  Best Frozen Rolls in Lahore  

Roll is one of the most favorite snacks of Pakistanis and mostly people enjoy it in the holy month of Ramadan at Iftar or in family parties as an appetizer or as a tea time snack.  The frozen rolls that are famous in Pakistan are brought in the region from China where they were originated. The Chinese rolls that are usually known as Spring rolls have been made during the spring festivities in China when the flowers and plants grow. The initial rolls were pancake like covers filled with spring vegetables. With time fried spring rolls were introduced in China that had a flour made cover filled with seasoned vegetables. This form of fried rolls has been transferred throughout the world and are known as the best Chinese appetizer. It became popular in Pakistan and is served at different places with unique fillings.

There are many home-based vendors that sell frozen rolls in Lahore and you can order frozen rolls in Lahore from them and fry them at home as they are half cooked and have a fulfilling experience with hot and crispy rolls.

Lahore is a food hub where you can find every kind of food from Chinese to Continental and from Desi to Fast food. Lahoris love food and they enjoy every kind of food with their family and friends. Rolls are also among the favorite tea time snacks and people love to have it with the evening tea. You can find fried rolls from different restaurants and stalls but they can only be enjoyed fresh in the restaurant but on the other hand the frozen rolls are very convenient as you get them half cooked and fry it whenever you want to have it. If you are craving for delicious rolls then you can open your fridge and fry the frozen rolls already stored. You can order frozen rolls in Lahore from Sadaf Foods as we provide the best frozen rolls in Lahore with unique and delicious fillings. Sadaf Foods is a home-based frozen food seller that sells the most hygienic and quality frozen products. Here is a list of best frozen rolls in Lahore from Sadaf Foods.


Aloo roll is one of the easiest to make and reasonable snacks that are loved by everyone equally. The cover of rolls is made from all-purpose flour whose wrap like roti is made that is then filled with the Aloo filling and deep fried in hot oil. The filling includes boiled potato, onion, coriander, mint, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, salt and pepper. The frozen aloo rolls can be stored for months and after frying tastes fresh. You can order frozen roll in Lahore from Sadaf Foods as we have a variety of scrumptious rolls available that can be delivered at your doorstep anywhere in Lahore.


Chicken Qeema Roll is a special roll with crispy covering and softer filling whose flavors explode in the moth and gives you a heavenly experience. The filling is made with chicken mince, pepper, salt, coriander, red chilli flakes, onion, and coriander seeds that together makes a delicious filling. It is then wrapped in a special wrap like cover and deep fried in oil. Sadaf Foods serves its customers with the best frozen rolls in Lahore and among them chicken qeema roll is one of the best. You can order frozen rolls in Lahore from us online and get it delivered at your doorstep.


Pizza roll is the most unique roll that gives an experience of a roll and a pizza in one product.  This pizza roll fulfills the craving of both pizza and roll. It has a crispy pastry-like covering that is filled with special pizza filling that includes loads of cheese, onion, chicken, corn, green pepper, pizza sauce, and olives. The pizza rolls are mouthwatering and are loved by children and elders equally. The pizza rolls can be given to children at school lunch as it is a delicious yet unique snack that is loved by the children. You can order frozen roll in Lahore from Sadaf Foods and get it delivered at your desired place.


The Chinese Spring Rolls are the original small and crispy rolls that have originated in China. This scrumptious spring roll includes seasoned vegetables and chicken that is marinated in special Chinese sauces and then sauteed together and filled in a roll. They are one of the most loved and sold frozen rolls as these rolls can be enjoyed as an appetizer, lunch and tea time snack. These rolls are best kept home as frozen as you can easily cook it anytime in minimum time. You can order frozen roll in Lahore from Sadaf Foods online and get the best frozen rolls in Lahore at your doorstep.

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