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 Samosa is a renowned both sweet and savory snack that has its origins from the Middle East and Central Asia since the Medieval ages. The word Samosa is derived from the Persian word Sanbosag as in the Middle East, samosa was called sanbosag. It is a savory and sweet dish that is crunchy from outside and soft from inside. The outer cover of samosa is made from all-purpose flour, salt, and ghee that is filled with Potato, Chicken, Peas, Vegetables, Cheese, or sweet dry fruits. In Pakistan, mostly the salty samosas are liked by everyone. They are best combined with delicious Mint and Coriander Chutney and Karak Chai. Samosa is a treat with evening tea, iftars, family festivals, and rainy weather. A samosa is a must to have in family treats and part of every festival. Here, presenting you the best frozen samosa in Lahore that are the awesome flavors by Sadaf Home Cuisine. Sadaf Home Cuisine is a homemade frozen food provider in Lahore that serves the best Samosa, Roll, Kebab, Nuggets, Tender Pops, and Burger Patties in Lahore. You can order frozen samosa in Lahore from us and get it delivered at your desired location. 

 Chicken Samosa 

 Chicken Samosa is one of the favorite samosa flavors of people of Lahore as its like a treat to have a Chicken Samosa as the mostly Aloo Samosas served in Lahore. Chicken samosa is made with chicken mince, seasoned spices and chopped onion. Samosas are a part of family gatherings and festivals as in the Holy Month of Ramadan, everyone loves to have Samosa in Iftar as well as in evening tea and parties. Chicken Samosa has a special variant that is Samosa Chaat. If you are a Chicken samosa lover then you can order frozen Samosa in Lahore from Sadaf Home Cuisine that serves the homemade and fresh best frozen samosa in Lahore that are delicious, hygienic and ready to cook. Order samosa in Lahore now from Sadaf Home Cuisine and get it delivered at your desired location anywhere in Lahore. 

 Pizza Samosa 

 Pizza Samosa is a small snack shaped as samosa but has a taste of a pizza. The outer part of the Pizza Samosa is the same as any other Samosa but the filling has a taste similar to the pizza as it has the same ingredients like pizza such as tomato paste, olives, flavored chicken, vegetables, corn, and cheese. The Pizza samosa gives you a feel of the explosion of the flavors of pizza while having a samosa. These Pizza samosas can be served as an appetizer, teatime snack, and school lunch. Pizza Samosa is as likeable for people as a pizza and now you can get the best pizza samosa in Lahore from Sadaf Home Cuisine. You can order frozen samosa in Lahore from Sadaf Home Cuisines and get best samosa in Lahore delivered at your doorstep. 

 Aloo Samosa 

 Aloo Samosa is considered to be the original samosa as the aloo filled samosa is mostly enjoyed throughout Pakistan. You can find an Aloo Samosa in any corner stall as it is enjoyed by everyone and is a must to have snack with evening tea. Aloo is one of the initial Samosa filling that makes one of the most favorite samosas of everyone in Pakistan. Aloo samosa is made up with boiled and stir-fried aloo gravy that is mixed with fresh ingredients like spices, onion, coriander, and mint. Aloo Samosa is loved by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians due to its flavorful and delicious taste. Aloo Samosa is made with freshly kneaded flour and vegetable filling that is deep fried in hot oil. If you are looking for the best samosa in Lahore then you can order frozen samosa in Lahore from Sadaf Home Cuisine as they have started selling homemade best frozen aloo samosa in Lahore. They are the best frozen food providers in Lahore that serves the best frozen samosa in Lahore with home delivery. 

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