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Kebabs are the scrumptious grilled food that is liked by everybody and can be used in making various delicious dishes. Kebab is made from grounded meat be it mutton, beef, or chicken that is seasoned with special herbs, spices, lentils, and vegetables. Later on, kebabs are grilled in coal and shallow fried in hot oil. They are best served with naan and rice. The kebab pizza, noodles, bun kebab, and roll are famous delicacies made from kebab. The chapal and seekh kebab are best served with rogni naan and chapatai while the shami kebab and white pista badam kebab is best served with pulao and biryani. If you are a kebab lover and can’t cook kebabs everyday then you can get the frozen kebab in Lahore as they are ready to cook and can be fried and microwaved and served with lunch, dinner, and tea. If you are a kebab lover and want to order frozen kebab in Lahore then Sadaf Home Cuisine is the best option for you as they serve the must try frozen kebabs.


Seekh Kebabs are originally known as Shish Kebab. They were introduced in Pakistan and South Asia by the Turks who invaded and ruled this region. The name Seekh Kebab is derived from the Turkish word Shish, which means a sword or a skewer and kebab means to roast. According to prevalent belief, Seekh kebabs were introduced and created as an outcome of hunting activities of the Turkish soldiers who would take shelter in forests during the war and for their meal hunted animals and later on used swords as a skewer to roast kebabs. Seekh kebabs are conventionally made with ground meat of beef, mutton, or chicken, and chickpea flour, cashew paste, cream, and other tasty condiments. If you are a seekh kebab lover and want to have frozen kebab in Lahore then you can order frozen kebab in Lahore from Sadaf Home Cuisine. They provide the best homemade, delicious, nature friendly and hygienic frozen food in Lahore and their Seekh Kebab is a must try.


Shami kebab are one of the most delightful snacks made from red meat. Red meat is a fatty meat that is used in proportion to be considered a healthy meal. In South Asia, Shami kebabs are quite popular due to its enhanced and mouthwatering taste. This dish contains all three major root vegetables that are Ginger, Garlic, and onion which is cooked with meat. The other major element of shami kebab is the king of all the pulses that is Bengal Gram that enhances the taste of this kebab. Shami Kebab is a delicacy made with numerous ingredients including meat, grams, vegetables, and spices which is first cooked together and blended to make a creamy texture. Later on, the shapes are made from this batter that is dipped in eggs and shallow fried in medium hot oil. It is served in high tea, lunch, and dinner and no trolley meal is complete without this delicious dish. If you want to taste a must try shami kebab in Lahore then order frozen kebab in Lahore from Sadaf Home Cuisine that serves the best homemade and delicious shami kebab.


Chapli kebab is the specialty of Northern area of Pakistan and Afghanistan as it was initially created in Afghanistan and later on transferred to Peshawar and the Hazara region of KPK. It is one of the most consumed and loved kebab in Pakistan as its now available in desi restaurants all over Pakistan. Chapli Kebab is created from grounded meat (beef and chicken) that is seasoned with salt, pepper, coriander seeds, pomegranate seeds, corn and wheat flour and later on deep fried in a huge frying pan made from steel. Chapli kebab also known as chapal kebab are best served with the Qabli Kulcha, Naan and Zeera Raita. If you want to taste the most scrumptious kebab in Lahore then you must order frozen kebab in Lahore from Sadaf Home Cuisine as they provide the best kebab in Lahore. They also serve the best frozen products that are tasty, homemade, and hygienic. Get the best chapli kebab that are a must try in Lahore from Sadaf Home Cuisine.

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