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Order Frozen Rolls in Lahore

    Rock and Roll as the name implies is the best frozen roll from Sadaf Foods, they are so scrumptious that you will be rolling with happiness while eating it. We provide a variety of rolls that have a crispy and crunchy cover and a soft inner that is filled with a variety of fillings that make it more delicious. You can order frozen rolls in Lahore from Sadaf Foods as we provide a variety of flavors including Chicken Qeema Roll, Chicken Aloo Roll, Pizza Roll, Aloo Roll, and Spring Roll. We have the best frozen roll in Lahore that are made with love for our customers by taking special care, by maintaining hygiene and quality of products.
    Rock and Roll mean the rocking rolls from Sadaf Foods as they are healthy, delicious, and hygienic. These are the best roll in Lahore and after eating them you will forget all your previous favorite rolls as these are scrumptious. The roll cover is made from a special wrap that is then filled with delectable fillings and then fried in deep hot oil. We provide a variety of Rolls, that includes Chicken Qeema Roll that has special spices cooked with chicken mince than filled in the special wraps, All the rolls have the same cover and their specialty is their fillings, the Aloo Roll has a unique Aloo Bhujia that is filled in the cover, the Chicken Aloo Roll has delicious chicken and aloo mix filling, the Pizza Roll is the most unique roll among others as it has special pizza filling including pizza sauce, chicken, olives, vegetables, and cheese, the spring roll is the Chinese roll filled with chicken and vegetables made in Chinese sauce. All these rolls are special and unique in their way but the similarity between them is their finger-licking taste. You can order frozen rolls in Lahore from Sadaf Foods as we provide these scrumptious rolls with a delivery service.
    Sadaf Foods provide a variety of Aloo and Chicken Rolls to its customers all over Lahore under its Rock and Roll banner. Sadaf Foods is the best frozen food service that is homemade, made with love for customers. We provide delicious rolls that have a unique and balanced taste and you can’t get better frozen rolls anywhere in Lahore. You can order frozen rolls in Lahore and other frozen products that include a variety of Samosas and Kabas as well as Tender pops, Nuggets, and Burger Patties. Get the best frozen roll in Lahore at your home as Sadaf Foods provides delivery service to its customers anywhere in Lahore.

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